Thanks for checking out the campaign. This is a Song of Ice and Fire campaign set thousands of years before the novels, much like our campaign Dawnseekers hosted and GM’d by Huffdog. He was a major inspiration and asset for what I’ve built here.

We play the Green Ronin System with a number of House Rules to make combat more exciting, in our opinion.

We are playing in a time when the wall is being built and much of the western continent is still undeveloped. There is no Kings Landing, The Citadel does not exist, Lady Nymeria has not left for Dorne, Valyria has not yet discovered dragons, and Ghis has thus not been melted. Just to get an idea of the timeline.

Within Ghis (they didnt call it Old Ghis back then) there is an Academy. At age 12 all nobles on Essos are sent here to get a basic foundation of learning. Everything from warfare to astronomy. You are one of these children, proud of family name. As we draw up characters they are a week from the opening semester of their premier year.

Note to GMs: Please feel free to use anything here on our page. Instead of copy/paste though, please use the tools to link players directly to our wiki/etc…or at the very least include a footnote with an url to my page( I appreciate it.

Sons of the Citadel

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