Sons of the Citadel

Year 2 - Part 1

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End of the Year 1

The game picked up with the party holed up in a shop with Aergosu, Velinaia, and a shop keeper who had cowered in the corner once he learned the group wasn’t there to loot his store. They decided that it was a shorter trip to continue on to Numsie’s e instead of heading back to the school, so they set off through the tumultuous streets towards their original destination.

The group stuck to backroads and alleys to work their way through the city, and it kept them safe until the final stretch to the manor house. They were standing at the end of an alley about 300 yards down the road from their destination, and they decided instead of risking a longer trip by continuing through the alleys, that they would make a break for it. They took off at a run, and at the first intersection they came across, a mob came out behind them and began to chase. Kojja Lho loosed a few arrows into the crowd as they continued to move, and it slowed them partially. By the time they got to the gate, the mob was on their tails, and the house guards had lowered crossbows at the approaching group. Numsie identified himself, and the party made their stand. The guard passed him a crossbow through the gate and he laid waste to a couple of rioters.

Aergosu shoved Vel over the wall, and Blood Hölt followed closely behind. Kojja loosed more arrows, dropping a few, Aergosu turned back and laid waste to the front line with a few vicious swipes of his sword. But the real shock came when Ebin waded into the remainder of the pack with a pair of daggers and left several laying on the ground. The rest of the pack turned and ran.

The party was allowed within the walls of the manor house, and (being that it was now close to 3am) Numsie’s father was awakened and brought out. They were greeted and welcomed into the home after an explanation. Numsie’s father (create wiki) showed an inkling of pride when he heard his son had been sent to rescue the noble girl.

They slept the night at the manor, when they awoke Vel and Aergosu had already returned to the school. The party followed closely behind.

The rest of the school year continued on and a couple of months later the summer term commenced and everyone either found work around campus for the months, or were allowed to return home with the expectation of returning in the fall session.

First Year - Part 2

The second session began with the students picking up with a discussion with Rufae.

-Rufae and Sardum “Numsie” begin to sneak out after Ebin approaches Rufae about his lack of subtlty when snacking on items that he clearly received from outside the normal mess hall. He later admits to sneaking over the wall, and Numsie wants to tag along. They spend a few evenings a week sneaking into the city to steal sweet breads and other treats. Ebin tags along on the final trip, and with no luck Numsie calls him a Jinx. On the way back, Ebin catches a glimpse of a shimmering in the moonlight at the mouth of an alley way. By the time he can focus his eyes, whatever it was, was gone.

-Kojja Lho begins to establish a relationship with Durran the Second. Kojja spent lots of time in The ARC, and he often saw Durran there as well, working with sword and shield on a training dummy. After a bit of time, Kojja approached him to discuss a bit of training. He understood that Durran would pummel him, but he took his licks without complaint, and Durran respected that. While he wasn’t overtly friendly, he invited Kojja to continue to work out with him. Kojja was also allowed by Homstrand to set up a long range target out behind [[The Arc.]] Peligran was the only other first year student that showed promise in archery, and he soon joined Kojja in his practice.

-Blood Hölt continues to try to garner the interest of Velinaia in order to get her to open up about their magical heritage. He pieces together bits and then later confirms that she is in fact a Targaryen. Conversation continues and he mentions his families grimoire and finally piques her curiosity. When he tells her that he doesn’t have a physically copy, she is more than obviously disappointed. She tells him if he ever commits it to paper again to let her know, she’d be interested in researching it further with him.

Meanwhile, security around The Academy continues to be tight. It takes great effort for Ebin and Numsie to sneak out. With an important holiday approaching, Numsie invites his new friends, along with Aergosu and Velinaia to his family home for the festivities. Aergosu agrees and is about as animated as the characters have experienced. The night before the festival, the Academy hosts a party of their own. Bonfires burn bright in the courtyard and Velinaia’s hair glistens and reflects in the light as she dances around. (no one picked up on the reference to the similarity to the shimmering in the alleyway during the last trip out into the city.)

Late that night their was a lot of commotion in the hallway again.
Fires can be seen throughout the city. Riots are going on in the streets.
-Party sees a bunch of unknowns in the hallway
-Kojja Lho gets into an argument with what turns out to be a Maester of the school and grabs him by the throat as the Maester turned his back on him.
-Party is asked to sneak out of the facility and find out what has happened to Velinaia and Aergosu who had snuck out of the Academy.
-Party is attacked by a Brute Squad in the streets and experiences their first combat.
-Shortly after as they continue on their way toward Numsie’s house, they see Aergosu peeking from a window of a shop. He ducks behind the curtains…but a few seconds later the door opens.
-Aergosu explains that they had left the Academy in order to investigate/scout Numsie’s parents home before the party the next night.

The streets are on fire and turmoil is spilling from every alley as the party calls it a night.

Start Me Up
Academy Year 1 - Beginning Months

The new year at The Academy started off with an opening convocation that included an introduction of all returning students, and then ended with the new first year students. It didn’t take long to figure out that introductions came in the order of social standing, with those of the highest status being introduced first. With the First Year students being the last to be introduced, Ebin was the last name to be called for the evening.

After the convocation the students were allowed to wander the grounds within their limitations based on standing at the school. First years were limited to the library, training grounds, stables, and dormitories. After a bit of investigating, the students were called to dinner.

The next day opened with students meeting Scholars in order to sort out their schedule. They are required to take 4 basic classes and then allowed to select 2 elective courses.

The characters each selected 2 courses based on their interest.

They began to meet other students:

found out that Rufae wasn’t the Noble he claimed to be.
Met Aergosu & Velinaia who never seem to leave each others side.
Met Novaro, a dornish merchant prince.

In the end of the session Ebin, heard a ruckus in the hall and peeked out to see Rufae being drug back to his room by 2 Underlings that had the build of soldiers, and not the typical teaching assistants. Ebin snuck to his room and questioned what had happened.

Coming to Academia
Character Introduction and Arrival

Kojja Lho’s family sent him with a gift for the city. A beautiful ship, in the design of a Cutter. He was the first of his people, the Summer Islanders, to be invited to The Academy. They are known for their proficiency as shipwrights and woodworkers due to the exceptional lumber in their homeland.

He was greeted at the docks by 2 parties. One a high ranking city official that he was not introduced too, but he wore a clear insignia of his rank and station. The diplomat had a large squad of soldiers at his rear that moved in a perfect lockstep formation. The other group was a scholar from The Academy with two underlings at his side. The Official greeted Kojja Lho warmly, and welcomed him to the city before moving on to meet the cutter’s captain.

The scholar took Kojja Lho to a high end boarding house where they stayed for a couple of days. He was not allowed to leave the property, except for a daily trip to the market and other short trips to nearby sites.

Ebin’s father had earned him an invitation to The Academy, but he had no means to get him there. Their home was on the other side of Slaver’s Bay in the city of Tolos. It would have been an easy trip across the Bay, but his family had very little money. So Ebin’s father offered his service as a guard to caravans that were travelling by land toward their final destination of Ghis.

Along the road on the final stretch to Ghis, they came across a carriage that was trashed and abandoned on the side of the road. Ebin’s father sent him ahead and checked inside of the caravan. He returned and gave Ebin 2 Silver Stags, but looked pale without any mention of what he had seen.

Just up the road Ebin saw a set of eyes peering around a rock outcropping. He and his father called out, and a young noble in oversized clothing came out from hiding. Rufae admitted his carriage was attacked by bandits and that he escaped into the hills. He was also on his way to the city, and he tagged along with Ebin.

Blood Holt’s arrival to the Academy was rather uncelebrated. After registration, Blood was pulled aside by an apparent Maester of the school, but the man never introduced himself. Blood continued to preach of dark knowledge and express interest in areas that are frowned upon by many of the Academy. The Maester instructed him to watch his words, and keep his special interests to himself for the time being, if he wished to have any chance at a successful future.

Blood was quick to befriend a small sickly looking child from the first year crop of students named Francis Corbray, the two headed off to the Library to get assimilated with their natural surroundings. Blood passed his bag to Corwyn Corbray, Francis’s brother, and said he’d keep an eye on Francis if Corwyn was willing to deliver his bag to the bunks (Blood later found his bag in a bush out in front of the dorms). While in the Library, Blood and Francis met a 3rd year student who was an obvious mainstay in the book filled halls. Peter was kind to them, and offered to help show them around the Library, which first years typically experience limited access too. At the end of the day, they left for dinner and not much was learned about the two new NPCs.

Sardum “Numsie” was the only member that had been to The Academy before, his older brother will be a fourth year student. He is from Ghis, so while others had a big ordeal in their process of getting to the facility, his mother simply walked him to the gates upon the day of registration, kissed him goodbye and let him be on his way. Numsie looked up to his brother Barrin, and thought little of the tiny jokes and pranks he would play. Outsiders may have seen it differently. Barrin tried to get Numsie to slick back his hair with chicken grease, and wear his uniform inside out, quoting that it was what all of the cool kids did. Numsie caught on as Barrin took the trick just a bit to far. Numsie was friendly and outgoing with the other students, and used his size and strength to quickly find a place amongst the other athletes.


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