Sons of the Citadel

End of the Year 1

The game picked up with the party holed up in a shop with Aergosu, Velinaia, and a shop keeper who had cowered in the corner once he learned the group wasn’t there to loot his store. They decided that it was a shorter trip to continue on to Numsie’s e instead of heading back to the school, so they set off through the tumultuous streets towards their original destination.

The group stuck to backroads and alleys to work their way through the city, and it kept them safe until the final stretch to the manor house. They were standing at the end of an alley about 300 yards down the road from their destination, and they decided instead of risking a longer trip by continuing through the alleys, that they would make a break for it. They took off at a run, and at the first intersection they came across, a mob came out behind them and began to chase. Kojja Lho loosed a few arrows into the crowd as they continued to move, and it slowed them partially. By the time they got to the gate, the mob was on their tails, and the house guards had lowered crossbows at the approaching group. Numsie identified himself, and the party made their stand. The guard passed him a crossbow through the gate and he laid waste to a couple of rioters.

Aergosu shoved Vel over the wall, and Blood Hölt followed closely behind. Kojja loosed more arrows, dropping a few, Aergosu turned back and laid waste to the front line with a few vicious swipes of his sword. But the real shock came when Ebin waded into the remainder of the pack with a pair of daggers and left several laying on the ground. The rest of the pack turned and ran.

The party was allowed within the walls of the manor house, and (being that it was now close to 3am) Numsie’s father was awakened and brought out. They were greeted and welcomed into the home after an explanation. Numsie’s father (create wiki) showed an inkling of pride when he heard his son had been sent to rescue the noble girl.

They slept the night at the manor, when they awoke Vel and Aergosu had already returned to the school. The party followed closely behind.

The rest of the school year continued on and a couple of months later the summer term commenced and everyone either found work around campus for the months, or were allowed to return home with the expectation of returning in the fall session.



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