Sons of the Citadel

First Year - Part 2

The second session began with the students picking up with a discussion with Rufae.

-Rufae and Sardum “Numsie” begin to sneak out after Ebin approaches Rufae about his lack of subtlty when snacking on items that he clearly received from outside the normal mess hall. He later admits to sneaking over the wall, and Numsie wants to tag along. They spend a few evenings a week sneaking into the city to steal sweet breads and other treats. Ebin tags along on the final trip, and with no luck Numsie calls him a Jinx. On the way back, Ebin catches a glimpse of a shimmering in the moonlight at the mouth of an alley way. By the time he can focus his eyes, whatever it was, was gone.

-Kojja Lho begins to establish a relationship with Durran the Second. Kojja spent lots of time in The ARC, and he often saw Durran there as well, working with sword and shield on a training dummy. After a bit of time, Kojja approached him to discuss a bit of training. He understood that Durran would pummel him, but he took his licks without complaint, and Durran respected that. While he wasn’t overtly friendly, he invited Kojja to continue to work out with him. Kojja was also allowed by Homstrand to set up a long range target out behind [[The Arc.]] Peligran was the only other first year student that showed promise in archery, and he soon joined Kojja in his practice.

-Blood Hölt continues to try to garner the interest of Velinaia in order to get her to open up about their magical heritage. He pieces together bits and then later confirms that she is in fact a Targaryen. Conversation continues and he mentions his families grimoire and finally piques her curiosity. When he tells her that he doesn’t have a physically copy, she is more than obviously disappointed. She tells him if he ever commits it to paper again to let her know, she’d be interested in researching it further with him.

Meanwhile, security around The Academy continues to be tight. It takes great effort for Ebin and Numsie to sneak out. With an important holiday approaching, Numsie invites his new friends, along with Aergosu and Velinaia to his family home for the festivities. Aergosu agrees and is about as animated as the characters have experienced. The night before the festival, the Academy hosts a party of their own. Bonfires burn bright in the courtyard and Velinaia’s hair glistens and reflects in the light as she dances around. (no one picked up on the reference to the similarity to the shimmering in the alleyway during the last trip out into the city.)

Late that night their was a lot of commotion in the hallway again.
Fires can be seen throughout the city. Riots are going on in the streets.
-Party sees a bunch of unknowns in the hallway
-Kojja Lho gets into an argument with what turns out to be a Maester of the school and grabs him by the throat as the Maester turned his back on him.
-Party is asked to sneak out of the facility and find out what has happened to Velinaia and Aergosu who had snuck out of the Academy.
-Party is attacked by a Brute Squad in the streets and experiences their first combat.
-Shortly after as they continue on their way toward Numsie’s house, they see Aergosu peeking from a window of a shop. He ducks behind the curtains…but a few seconds later the door opens.
-Aergosu explains that they had left the Academy in order to investigate/scout Numsie’s parents home before the party the next night.

The streets are on fire and turmoil is spilling from every alley as the party calls it a night.



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