Sons of the Citadel

Start Me Up

Academy Year 1 - Beginning Months

The new year at The Academy started off with an opening convocation that included an introduction of all returning students, and then ended with the new first year students. It didn’t take long to figure out that introductions came in the order of social standing, with those of the highest status being introduced first. With the First Year students being the last to be introduced, Ebin was the last name to be called for the evening.

After the convocation the students were allowed to wander the grounds within their limitations based on standing at the school. First years were limited to the library, training grounds, stables, and dormitories. After a bit of investigating, the students were called to dinner.

The next day opened with students meeting Scholars in order to sort out their schedule. They are required to take 4 basic classes and then allowed to select 2 elective courses.

The characters each selected 2 courses based on their interest.

They began to meet other students:

found out that Rufae wasn’t the Noble he claimed to be.
Met Aergosu & Velinaia who never seem to leave each others side.
Met Novaro, a dornish merchant prince.

In the end of the session Ebin, heard a ruckus in the hall and peeked out to see Rufae being drug back to his room by 2 Underlings that had the build of soldiers, and not the typical teaching assistants. Ebin snuck to his room and questioned what had happened.



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