Kojja Lho

Summer Islander Merchant Prince


Marksmanship 4 [Bows 2]
Persuasion 3 [Bargain 1]
Will 4
Fighting 2 [Brawling 1]

*Eloquent: Custom Quality affecting social intrigue

Combat Defense 9
Health 9

Intrigue Defense 8
Composure 12


Kojja Lho is the eldest son of Jalabar Lho, whose family operates Talltrees Trading, a merchant empire based in Lotus Port on the island of Walano. In the generations since a stray Ghiscari ship blew ashore on Walano and the Islanders first became aware of the outside world’s existence, trade has flourished and the Lho family has been at the forefront of this trade business. As competition for his trade business increases, however, Jalabar Lho seeks to gain any edge he can over his competitors. He knows that his people are still regarded as ignorant savages by most other civilizations, and to remedy this he has made bribes and given gifts enough to secure for his son Kojja a place at the prestigious Academy of Ghis, where the sons of all the noble families of Essos are sent to learn all manner of things. It is the hope of the Lho family that Kojja will not only gain new insight into their future trading partners through understanding their society, but also that he will be viewed as more respectable by the narrow-minded cultures with whom they do business if he has attended their exclusive school.

Kojja himself is ambivalent about his enrollment in the Academy, but he knows that in order to achieve security for his family’s future, he must suffer the experiment and do his best to be successful.

Kojja Lho

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