Young warrior-in-training


Born into the lowly, fallen House Rakaroth, Ebin was born into poverty. Another House had murdered his ancestors and decimated their holdings 100 years prior to Ebin’s birth, leaving only a few children to escape, one being Ebin’s grandmother. His father, Geralt, and mother, Renia, were all that was left of a lineage that could be traced back thousands of years.

Shortly after Ebin’s birth, his mother abandoned his father for another, much wealthier man, leaving Geralt to care for the young infant by himself. His father sacrificed much to insure their survival. Geralt was a simple, merchant’s guard, that made little in the way of coin. Having to work more than he preferred, Ebin was left by himself from a young age, forced to feed himself when his father was gone for weeks at a time, forcing him to become self-sufficient.

Once Ebin was old enough, Geralt began training him with a sword, even bringing him along while he guarded the caravans. During one such trip, the caravan had taken on several travelers and wagons with no extra guards, providing an ample target for brigands. Brigands had ambushed the caravan but Geralt and his fellow guardsmen defeated them, preventing the brigands from kidnapping a noble for ransom. The noble turned out to be an instructor at The Academy and he invited Ebin to attend as a reward for saving him from being kidnapped. The invitation was in name only and nothing would be provided financially for Ebin to attend.

Unsure whether the invitation was authentic or out of feigned generosity, Geralt obtained a large sum of money, and the debt it carried, by calling on favors from merchants he had served. Using the money and signing on as a guard to several caravans, Geralt escorted Ebin to the Academy.


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