Brute Squads

Brute squads are a concept we have taken from the 7th Sea game system (1st edition), basically they are mooks. They die in a single successful attack.

The idea is that one hero can take on a group in a cinematic fashion. By increasing the difficulty, he may be able to drop multiple members of a Brute Squad in a single attack. The risk is that if you fail to hit your higher Target Number, you’re going to not kill any of them.

The Crunchy Bits:
Brute Squad Rating® – 2 to 7
You can think of it like a level. So the higher the Rating, the more challenging the squad will be. It may be that they are better trained, or have better equipment.

Number of Squad Members (N) – You can work this however you like. In 7th sea they limited it, but at this point I’m not sure that’s necessary. Although I would recommend splitting large groups of mooks into multiple squads, as they can quickly squash PCs in this system if they go unchecked (see math below).

Brute Squad Combat Defense: R * 3
Rating * 3 which lines up nicely with the Difficulty Rating Table (pg. 29).

For each additional Mook you want to take out with your attack, increase the Combat Defense by an additional step on the DR Table. (Ex: You are fighting a 5 man Brute Squad with a Rating of 3. Your difficulty to drop one is 9. If you decide you’d like to kill all 5 of them in a single attack, you increase that Target Number by 4 steps on the table. Taking it from a 9(challenging) to a 21 (heroic).)

Brute Squad Attack: (coming soon)

Brute Squad Damage: (coming soon)

Brute Squads

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