The Fate Die

The fate die is a single die included in every dice pool. It has a couple of basic rules.

1.) The Fate die does not give you an additional die to roll, it just replaces one die in your pool (we suggest rolling one of a different color to make it easy to depict which you are using as such).

2.) The Fate die can explode. This means if you roll a 6 on your fate die, you can roll it again and continue to add to your total.

3.) You must always keep your fate die. Thus if you roll a 1 on the fate die, and you’re rolling 4d + 2 bonus dice (this is the basic dice system from the game), you are required to keep the 1, even if it isn’t your best die. We felt this was a good and interesting balance.

Ebin tries to hit a foe with his short sword. He has a 4 in fighting, and 2 in short blades. He would typically roll 6 dice, and keep the 4 highest. That is still the case, but the fate die must be kept.
He rolls a 6,4,3,3,4, and a 1 on the Fate die. His total is 15, instead of 17 if he were to keep the 4 highest rolls.

The Fate Die

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