Blood Hölt

Qohar Claimed Heir to the Seat of Divination, Blood Heir to the Master of Necromancy.


Blood Hölt
Wise, Seeking Power, Driven by Hatred, Cowardly
• 1st year – Intro to Mystism * 2nd year class * (Merrill Lederrill, teacher in my Thrall)
• 1st year – Herbalism (with an eye towards toxins and truth serums)
• 2nd year – Talk to Merrill, telling him he is the only one I can trust and fear what others would do if they found out: Visions of… something awaking me in horror. Praying to my Gods only makes it worse. Someone to help guide me and make sense of what it is I am seeing. Sits down, transcribes a dark page from the Grimore (with no encoding) and hands it over. He promises to give sleeping drafts and talk to the other Maesters discreetly for private advanced tutorage.
• 2nd year – Advanced Mystism *3rd year class * - pushed by Merrill
• 2nd year – Intro to Science – Astrology/Archeology—- Used in lieu of the useless sailing course
• 2nd year – Pharmacology / Medicine

• 1st year, 1st year Summer, 2nd year – Kojja Lho’s Marksmanship & Request of Shortbow from K’s people. Letter to mommy describing events and requesting letter for payment of Bow to be dispatched immediately. Rangemaster granted personal Locker for my Weapon when it arrives.
• 1st year – Thanos’ Secreted Books of Magic
• 1st year, 2nd year – Valarian Girl’s language
• 1st year – Summer Library Study. Fully understand Library Filing System. Gained access to advanced materials sections. Discovered secretive Man in black is an advanced Master or Teacher in the Occultic Arts but not a founding member. Valerian Culture. Targarian Backgrounds.

Qohar Claimed Heir to the Seat of Divination, Blood Heir to the Master of Necromancy.

In order to survive the brutal blood ceremonies’ conducted by his father, Blood quickly learned the value of Cunning, Deception, and Stealth. Whereas all eight of his prior siblings have been slaughtered in the furthering of his Father’s collected Grimoire, Blood survived by his ability to use his brain, manipulate those around him, and memorize all possible about the magic’s used by his family and neighbors. This also leaves Blood as the Crux of Nines: He is the Ninth sibling born to the 8th master of Necromancy and as followers of magic know, spells bound in sets of three are binding.

As Blood neared his twelfth birthday he slit the throat of his father, claiming notoriety and fear for being the only living being to yet best the Master of Necromancy. In order to divert his assured death sentence for such a deed, Blood claimed that within a vision he saw his father using his mother in a giving of life to the Black Goat – a sacrifice that would be rejected spelling ruin to all those tied to the forest.

This single act gained a seat for both he and his mother in the Divinator’s house, the house in direct opposition to the House of the Rising Dead. Lacking any Heirs of his own, Blood has gained the status of Heir to the throne of Divination. In order to adequately prepare Blood for such a mantle, the master of the house, known for taking his joy with his own ilk, has decreed that Blood will attend the Academy to begin his mastery of Mysticism.

During the naming ceremony Blood was contacted by a member of The Academy that claimed understanding of his family’s history, greasing the axle upon the path the Necromatic mastery (In Blood’s mind) → one who appears from a clue gleaned within a library painting to be a founding member of the Academy. Once in the school, using the knowledge memorized of his father Grimore along with his gleanings from the Divinators ceremonies Blood is able to weasel his way into an advanced second year Mystiscm class claiming that he needs to be fully prepared to not fall under the same faults that caught his father.

Blood Detests most living men, but he hates those who set themselves as his superior most of all. Their vision is too narrow and they know not of the horrors he has glimpsed from both of his House’s mid-ceremony revelations. He knows the only way to assure the future is to use those tools around him to rule and guide mankind: both living and dead.

Those to be used:
• Kojja Lho expects that I am honorable, I milked this flaw in his view to gain further marksmanship training in the coming months.
• Thanos, a book worm three years my senior with no apparent friends other than myself and Franco. He has a great deal of knowledge of politics, histories, and even magics. His most useful feature however is his status 3 years my senior and well known face in the library: he provides me with a book on any subject (outside of the darkest materials) that I request…. Books all forbidden to first and third year students.
• Franco Corbrain, the sickly little git, thinks I am his friend. I will show him companionship in the hope that the can traverse the library for those volumes that I need which could otherwise cause me harm if found perusing.
• Velinaia – A girl nearly 2 years younger than me, with a brute of a body guard – Aergosu, A Targarian apparent Heir to Valaria’s fire magic. She could come in use. I will shower her in interest for her knowledge and companionship may one day be mutually beneficial. (brains before beauty). As the second year progresses we begin to have open intellectual debates and trades. I have perfectly reproduced my Grimore, but encoded critical sections (animal’s food rather than Animal… Seeds rather than plants… All times skewed by a factor of 6, etc). Some of these pages I have shared with Mr. V to gain her trust.
• Rufae, The uncouth sniveling little pick-pocket… receives every extra scrap of food that I do not eat. This horder’s sticky fingers may come in handy.

Those to be punished:
• Corwain Corbrain, the brute, was given the evening away from his clinging brother Franco and all he had to do was drop my bag of travel clothes in my room. He instead discarded of them in a bush. As my knowledge of poisons and blood magics increase I will have fun practicing on Corwain.
• Our Westeros Friend who hesitates. He will grow to trust me.

Blood Hölt

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