From the Red Waste to the Gulf of Grief, and across the northern coast of Slaver’s Bay, there is but one nation that rules without question. The Empire of Ghis is an ancient and well-entrenched civilization that for centuries has been content to control its own lands rather than vie for expansion, and in this likely lies one of its primary strengths. Rather than expend its resources in conquest and exploration, Ghis has fortified and solidified its hold on its own territory with an ironclad strength.

Established through military might and sustained by a robust economy, the Empire of Ghis sees its primary income derived from the slave trade. As with any kingdom of its size, there are of course other streams of revenue from which the Masters derive their wealth, but slavery remains the source of the vast majority of their income.

Ghis is ruled by a triarchy of Masters who are appointed by a council of the ranking family leaders in the Empire. The Good Master is traditionally concerned with the state of affairs for the lower-ranking members of the Empire, the Great Master has the responsibility of seeing to the laws governing the higher-level citizenry, and the Wise Master places the most focus on matters of infrastructure, economy, and technology that keep the Empire evolving. On any issue brought before one of the Masters, a petition may be made for the full triarchy to rule on it, but the complete laws on how this is determined are far too complex to enumerate here. A Master may be removed from their position only if both other Masters and a two-thirds majority of the voters call for a vote of no confidence, in which all free citizens of the Empire participate. The nobility of the Empire pays the cost of hosting a vote of no confidence, which is not a trifling expense, and as such it is not done lightly.

The city of Ghis is the jewel of the empire, surrounded by high, thick walls of quarried stone, and peppered with colossal pyramids throughout. Within the city is also found The Academy, an institution unlike any other in the known world, where the sons and daughters of prominent families go to learn all manner of subjects as they enter adulthood.


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